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jimmy is a professional Chinese Mandarin teacher, tutor /or school in Banqiao, Taiwan!

Date of last access 23, May 2022
Nickname jimmy
Gender Male
Age 40
Current availability Open
Country of residence Taiwan / Any / Banqiao
Nationality/hometown Taiwan /
Native language Chinese Mandarin
Languages spoken

Message to students!

Hello,My name is jimmy living in Taiwan
I am a experienced Chinese language teacher
I can help people achieve fluency in Chinese conversation and how to
remember Chinese characters use the smart way
I can make The Chinese word easy to learn
"友"-friend~:the left part of the word is left hand -"又"is right hand ;
"友"means use your left hand holding another person right hand is making friends
"好"-good~:the left part of the word”女” is a woman
-"子"is the son ;"好" means when a woman has child she feel life good
奴 slave- the left part is a woman , the right part is the right hand - in ancient time the man catch the woman as a slave
怒angry- the upper part is a slave, the lower part is the heart, the slave work hard every day can not rest ,so her heart was very angry
★"盲":blind~ the upper part of the word is “亡”-mean lose
- the lower part is the "目"-mean eyes ;

"盲"means the person lose his eyesight
★“忙”:busy~ the left part is the heart , the right part is the is “亡”-mean lose
~ the remember idea~
"忙"(busy)~ -when you are busy,you will lose your steady heart

★介紹-introduce~ but in Chinese-"介" is between two persons
"紹"is connect~ so you can remember -"介紹" between people to connect
but in Chinese-"介" is between two persons
"入"is insert~so you can remember -"介入" between people to insert★

Chinese is not alphabetic words
you can not know the pronouncing from some word appearance
If you want to know the pronouncing connection of Chinese characters
I can help you to understand the connection
★巫(Witch),舞(dance),武(warrior)- three Chinese characters pronouncing is the same-the pronouncing is wu
because the witch expelling evil spirits must dance and
the warrior must dance increasing courage before they fight
so three Chinese characters pronouncing is wu
use the method can help you to remember Chinese characters pronouncing

Offering language lesson Chinese Mandarin
Lesson fee / hour US dollar 13
Trial lesson fee / hour
Group lesson fee / hour / person Up to 5
Possible teaching area
Teaching place Others
Type of lesson General conversation, Business conversation, Vocabulary building, Grammar, Pronunciation practice, Listening practice, Writing practice, Presentation training, Lesson via SKYPE, Helping with homework, Translation/Interpretation
Teaching qualification
Teaching experience (years) 1-3

Available days and time

University / college
Degree MA MA
Current occupation
Past professional experiences

Level of local language (of country of residence) Fluent
Height (cm)
Hair colour
Eye colour
Favourite sports
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Favourite books/authors
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