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Mike is a professional English teacher, tutor /or school in Bangkok, Thailand!

Date of last access 15, March 2018
Nickname Mike
Gender Male
Age 33
Current availability Open
Country of residence Thailand / Any / Bangkok
Nationality/hometown Canada / Ottawa
Native language English
Languages spoken German, Spanish, Russian

Message to students!

My personal philosophy of teaching enables me to realize how important it is to be fully aware of the theory behind what I teach as well as the way in which I teach. It is very empowering for me to understand the theories associated with my field and to be able to reflect those theories in my teaching approach. Considering second language acquisition theory, my personal teaching philosophy is based on social constructivism and critical pedagogic approaches to language acquisition. Some of the more salient aspects of my teaching philosophy include:

The learner’s preexisting knowledge

The social functions of language

Individual creativity

Teacher self-reflection

My teaching approach in ESL is to guide my students through the process of English language socialization while addressing the above theoretical considerations. In my classroom, I approach these theoretical concerns in the following ways:

Basing my teaching approach upon the student’s pre-existing knowledge with the aim to further enable the student to develop it.

I start with the belief that each student of mine who comes into the classroom with preexisting knowledge that contributes to the learning process, whether this be linguistic or lived experiences. I always make an attempt to discover and exploit this knowledge from the outset by surveying my students’ linguistic knowledge and personal experiences. Then I encourage my students to capitalize on their strengths and experiences in order to develop their English abilities.

Understanding the social functions of language

Not only is it important for me to teach my students the mechanics of English, it is also very essential for me to instruct my students in the proper use of the language. Therefore, I devote some time to discussing the different linguistic genres and discourses that exist in society and emphasize the importance of these notions in academia.

Emphasizing a whole language approach to teaching

I design my lesson plans mindful of the whole language approach to language instruction by incorporating oral and written language skills into activities that encourage social interaction and are personally meaningful to my students.

Encouraging individual creativity throughout the learning process

I presume that creativity is perhaps one of the most under-utilized human characteristics in the context of language learning. I emphasize to my students that creativity is an important aspect of writing and speaking. It is important in writing as a factor in paraphrasing, developing and combining ideas, and avoiding plagiarism. I encourage my students to take chances and use language creatively to express themselves. Many opportunities for learning can come about in this manner.

Engaging in a constant process of self-reflection and evaluation

I am a firm believer in a continuous process of teacher self-reflection, in which self-evaluation is connected to lesson planning and overall teacher development. By incorporating a system of consistent reflection in my teaching, I believe, that I am capable of continually progressing as a teacher as I adapt to the changing needs of my students.
I have undergone the training in PYP IB as well.

I teach TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC/PTE/ CAE/SAT (except Math).

I also offer English courses via whatsapp/viber/wechat/line/viber. One course lasts for 1 month (31 day in a row). The classes are delivered by means of text messages/voice messages/audio calls and flashcards.

Offering language lesson English
Lesson fee / hour Thai baht 1000
Trial lesson fee / hour Thai baht Free
Group lesson fee / hour / person Up to 5 Thai baht 400-700
Possible teaching area Downtown
Teaching place Library, My school/office, Quiet café, Student's office
Type of lesson General conversation, Business conversation, Vocabulary building, Grammar, Pronunciation practice, Listening practice, Writing practice, Children's lessons, Presentation training, Lesson via SKYPE, Helping with homework, Survival travel conversation, TOEFL/TOEIC training
Teaching qualification CELTA
Teaching experience (years) 10-15

Available days and time

University / college Linguistics Linguistics
Major English German
Degree MA MA
Current occupation ESL TEACHER AT AN IB SCHOOL
Past professional experiences IB SCHOOLS/Language Centers

Level of local language (of country of residence) Native
Height (cm) 179
Hair colour fair
Eye colour green/blue
Hobbies/Interests Muay Thai
Favourite sports
Favourite music/singers/bands
Favourite places/travel destinations
Favourite books/authors Japan
Favourite movies The Chosen
Favourite actors/actresses Big Daddy
Favourite brands Jim Carrey

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