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Pablo Torrado is a professional Spanish teacher, tutor /or school in Bangkok, Thailand!

Date of last access 21, September 2017
Nickname Pablo Torrado
Gender Male
Age 31
Current availability Limited
Country of residence Thailand / Any / Bangkok
Nationality/hometown Spain / Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Native language Spanish
Languages spoken English, Thai, Czech

Message to students!

Firstly, I must mention that I have worked 4 years in Asia. I have been a Spanish teacher and I have developed the Spanish curriculum of the KhonKaen University in Thailand. I consider that my years of experience there are key to being able to understand the idiosyncrasy of the Asian student, characterized by having delicate cultural elements and the importance of being sensitive when dealing personally. In addition, I have been a teacher during the last years in various academies in Madrid, where I have dealt with hundreds of students and taught practically all levels of Spanish as a foreign language, with very tight schedules and adapting to the needs of each group and each student.
My education includes Hispanic Philology at the University of Salamanca in a first place, with various subjects raised to teach with the help of ELE (Spanish as a second language). Upon returning from my experience as a lecturer in Asia I studied a Master's degree in ELE at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid. In this master’s, we learned everything that an ELE teacher may need. Design and programming of courses, methodological approaches, meaning and sense of grammar, research, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, acquisition of skills, pedagogic grammar, and so on. I also did internships related to education and IT where I learnt to work with new technologies.
In the master's and in my years of teacher I’ve compiled a great bank of materials that I always carry with me. From the most communicative and effective manuals to connect with students to all kinds of games to preheat or finish having fun during the class learning Spanish.
That said, I should talk about my classes. My classes always have a recognized plan. In these didactic sequences the 5 main skills, oral expression, written expression, listening comprehension and reading comprehension and oral interaction are always played. The session should always have a clear content: what is going to be studied, what is going to be reviewed and what new functions can the student do when leaving the classroom. It can be done through a task, or a lesson or part of it. Although activities could appear to be unrelated, all of them relate to what we are learning. When presenting the contents in a sequence the following order follows: presentation, compression, practice, and transference.
1. The presentation shows the attention and interest of the students. Brainstorms are proposed and knowledge schemes are activated so that the student remembers what he already knows about the subject.
2. After that, the student has a linguistic information that must be processed through observation. Personally, I think it is important for the student to infer, that processes; the content by itself to memorize better.
3. With this acquired knowledge the exercises are performed: the students put into practice the knowledge acquired using different language skills. These exercises require creativity from the student. Some may be more mechanical while others might require communicative ability and creativity interaction on the part of the student. With this exercise the student focuses his attention on the rules learned.
4. Finally, the sessions must have a “transfer phase” consisting of an activity or several topics as a culminating point in which the student brings the new knowledge that will be acquired. They are activities where they play, narrate, elaborate, solve problems, debate, etcetera.

Offering language lesson Spanish
Lesson fee / hour Thai baht 800
Trial lesson fee / hour Thai baht 500
Group lesson fee / hour / person Up to 5 Thai baht 400
Possible teaching area Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Teaching place Library, Others, Quiet café, Student's office
Type of lesson General conversation, Vocabulary building, Grammar, Pronunciation practice, Listening practice, Writing practice, Proofreading, Helping with homework, Survival travel conversation
Teaching qualification Master's degree: Spanish as a second language teaching
Teaching experience (years) 7-10

Available days and time

University / college Universidad de Salamanca Universidad de Nebrija
Major Hispanic language and litterature Applied linguistics for teaching Spanish as a second language
Degree BA MA
Current occupation Ajarn, proffesor - Thammasat University
Past professional experiences

Level of local language (of country of residence) Intermediate
Height (cm) 1.89
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Hobbies/Interests Languages, education and linguistics
Favourite sports
Favourite music/singers/bands
Favourite places/travel destinations
Favourite books/authors
Favourite movies
Favourite actors/actresses
Favourite brands

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