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English-Best is a professional English teacher, tutor /or school in Moscow, Russian Federation!

Date of last access 17, November 2017
Nickname English-Best
Gender Male
Age 40
Current availability Open
Country of residence Russian Federation / Moscow city / Moscow
Nationality/hometown Russian Federation /
Native language Russian
Languages spoken English,

Message to students!

Dear student,

Would you like to master English and speak it easily, fast and confidently with correct pronunciation like Americans or British people and moreover even think in English?

Would you like to learn these skills almost completely from real native English speakers at their vivid, motivating examples of successful celebrities?! Such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Frank Kern etc. This language training is an alive program and topics are specifically chosen taking into consideration interests of students.

Would you like to master Business English from real business?

Would you like to learn English with strong, positive emotions in an almost effortless way?

Would you like to learn English in a natural way, as British and American people do this?

Would you like to retain knowledge and skills from this training for a very long time?

Would you like to use full potential of your memory? This will be really helpful for you to learn the language. Mostly students have no idea about this issue and only use small part of it. I will help you to expand your memory to its full potential in an absolutely natural way.

Clarity about your goals is the real secret to success. People with clear goals accomplish ten times as much as people who are unsure about them. Goals must be set in a certain way. To learn English for work or to pass an exam are weak goals. Usually they give you little energy / motivation to learn English. With such weak goals people often easily give up learning. You have to be consistent with learning English. You have to do it almost every day for a long time period. When you are crystal-clear about what you want and exactly how you are going to get it, you are able to maximize the results of your efforts. Would you like to maximize your results? You can do this with learning English and actually in almost any other sphere of your life!

The level of your English will be higher than for international exams such as TOEFL, IELTS.

Dear student you are absolutely capable of mastering the English language very well, if you want to, you just need to use effective methods of learning!

Would you like to learn English applying methods elaborated by American professor Stephen Krashen from University of Southern California, the USA, who is expert №1 in the sphere of mastering English in the most effective way?

All of these is possible with the expert in the sphere of real, conversational and business English. You will reach your goal in a guaranteed way! Two university educations in the field of teaching English, 20 years of experience.

I'm using English a lot every day in communication, for my activities of different kind and I also think in English. Am I native English speaker or not. can you see it by yourself?

Online learning is more effective as offline due to its convenience making / using records of lessons, which is crucial for your successful learning! You can get records of our every class. This will be of much value to you, enabling you to have a lot of repetition!

Online you can get access to our classes from anywhere in the world.

For your best benefit lessons are offered in sets!

Obviously it's very important for you to have good English pronunciation that people can easily understand you.
It happens people think they are pronouncing correctly, but they are not, and interlocutors don't understand their speech. Maybe this is a case with you as well!
Here is a description of a very effective technique to train your English pronunciation with NATIVE SPEAKERS.
First you have to have lots of listening. To be able to speak well first you need to hear and differentiate all sounds well and certainly understand the meaning of the audio. For this purpose you have to listen with lots of repetition and very attentively.
Notice sounding of words and pauses and intonation, so that you can remember everything very well and easily can recall.
Take an audio or video of English native speakers that you like, for instance, a film. Play one sentence and pause. Be attentive. Then say the sentence yourself, copying the pronunciation. Exaggerate the pronunciation. Do it 30 - 40 minutes every day for an extended time period.
The next step record yourself. Do it maybe for half an hour once in 10 days for several months. Then listen to your record and to the original audio. Notice how close you are.
Using a different pronunciation can feel strange. It's kind of emotional problem sometimes. In this case pretend you are someone else when you speak English. Choose an English native actor / actress you like and copy his or her speech.
Your pronunciation will improve, it will get more authentic over time. Ultimately you will sound close to native speakers.

As you see most success with English comes from learning on your own usually at home.

Many maybe most students think to learn to speak English they need to speak themselves. But scientific research shows, to learn to speak English the most important activity is listening. You have first to listen a lot in a special way, then speak. First get lots of language material in audio form, internalize it, only when you retain it well in your mind, then you will be able to speak English well. Videos, audios and podcast of English native speakers are very good for that. You need to listen repeatedly, have a lot of repetition. And if you do not have a lot of internalized information in audio form, what can you reproduce to speak yourself? And speaking practice comes only after having lots of listening in a special way.

Dear Student, you know your mother tongue (native language). However can you teach someone your mother tongue effectively?! The truth is you know nothing about how to do this correctly! It's absolutely the same case with normal English native speakers ? they know nothing at all about teaching English let alone in a correct and effective way. Some English native speakers know English well, but very many know English poorly. Apparently to know a language by yourself and to be able to teach it these are completely different knowledge and skills. And when we start thinking about teaching a language at once there is a question how to do this correctly and effectively. For this purpose there is a science ? methods of teaching a language. Only upon having studied effective methods of teaching a language, it is possible to teach a language. Methods of teaching a language is a science, as other kinds of science, for example, maths, physics, chemistry, biology etc. Hence the conclusion ? a clever person of any nationality can study and master any science at the highest level. And of what advantage is the nationality of a person who studies a science?! Of no. And besides methods of teaching the English language are far simpler than physics or maths. How well students will speak / know English entirely depends on applying effective methods of teaching by English trainer. Ineffective methods are widely applied nowadays. For instance, there were many cases when students passed TOEFL even with a high score, then they came to the USA and didn't understand Americans and couldn't speak English fluently and Americans didn't understand them.
And to use effective methods of teaching there is a lot of very good, authentic materials for teaching English nowadays. Such authentic materials contain true oral (audio) and written speech of English native speakers.
Scientific research proved that the most important activities to learn a language are listening and reading in a special way. Right, it's useful to listen to speech of English native speakers. There is a lot of audios, teaching videos, films and podcasts, for reading there are many texts, stories written by English native speakers. You have to be learning almost every day, only classes with a teacher are definitely not enough. For true success with English you have to be learning on your own a lot, listen, read etc.
Thus in my classes I am applying the most effective methods of teaching English and authentic / true materials created by English native speakers. And consequently my students develop real English mastery.
Evidently a clever person of any nationality, who thoroughly mastered effective methods of teaching English, can teach students English very, very well at a very high level of expertise!!

About my initial experience of learning English
When I first started learning English according to ineffective methods, only they were applied then in the whole world and at that time I didn't know they were ineffective neither I knew about any other methods, I also thought that communication with normal English native speakers could help me improve my English. At that time it was quite difficult to get in touch with any English native speaker, later it got easier with proliferation of the Internet to contact them. But most of them don't want to communicate and don't answer, very few replied. Anyway no one of them could really help me, because they are incompetent. Simply they knew nothing how to do it. So my contacts to improve my English through communication with normal native speakers at that time gave no results. Besides oral communication with native speakers, if done in a proper way, can be useful for learners only at higher stages, not in the beginning!
I had a real breakthrough with mastering English only after having learnt the effective methods!

The GREAT NEWS for you is the fact that you can develop your English skills very well without speaking or listening to live English native speakers!!
Nowadays you can do it successfully almost completely on your own, self-study, and you need just some classes with an effective English trainer.

Are you serious about learning English? Do you want successful results?

Welcome, and speak excellent English!

Offering language lesson English
Lesson fee / hour Russian ruble 3000 for 40 minutes
Trial lesson fee / hour
Group lesson fee / hour / person Up to 5
Possible teaching area online
Teaching place Others
Type of lesson General conversation, Business conversation, Vocabulary building, Grammar, Pronunciation practice, Listening practice, Writing practice, Lesson via SKYPE, Survival travel conversation
Teaching qualification University of Southern California
Teaching experience (years) More than 15

Available days and time

University / college University of Southern California, the USA I thoroughly studied and am applying scientific research of American professor Stephen Krashen, univ
Major Trainer of the English language, linguist Teacher of the English language, linguist
Degree MA MA
Current occupation Private English Tutor
Past professional experiences

Level of local language (of country of residence) Native
Height (cm)
Hair colour
Eye colour
Favourite sports
Favourite music/singers/bands
Favourite places/travel destinations
Favourite books/authors
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