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Date of last access 07, March 2016
Nickname TeacherLee
Gender Male
Age 64
Current availability Open
Country of residence United States / California / Los_Angeles
Nationality/hometown United States /
Native language Chinese Mandarin
Languages spoken English,

Message to students!


Experienced Excellent Expert in Chinese Teaching and Studying

Mr. Washington Lee was born in Chen Hong in China. He learned farming, traditional Chinese medicine ( known as natural medicine and dietary supplement), classical Chinese language and Chinese culture from his parents and masters in Chen Hong since his childhood.
Through his talent and diligence, he became an experienced Chinese farmer, Chinese doctor, modern/ classical Chinese teacher, and Chinese culture specialist.
In recognition of his knowledge and capability, he was selected to be the director and chief editor of the Chen Hong broadcasting station.

Mr. Lee became a professional Chinese instructor after he graduated from the Chinese language and literature department of Shanghai Normal University, one of the key teachers colleges in China. He was the head of the class and one of the best students at the school.
After graduation, he taught Chinese at San Lin High School, one of the major high schools in China. He was also head of the Chinese department. He received many Chinese teaching awards from school and education bureau, making him one of the best Chinese teachers in China.
Mr. Lee also taught English at San Lin High School and received two awards in national literature translation competitions in China.
Some other major awards:
Awards from Chinese Culture & Reading Knowledge Contests in China.
Awards from Speech Contests in China.
Award from Writing/Painting/Photographing Contest in China.

Mr. Lee was naturalized in the U.S.A. in 2000
He teaches Chinese language (modern and classic), Chinese culture and Chinese medicine for foreign students.
He has developed Life Care product line, including LifeCare, OsteoCare, LiverCare, GlucoCare, SexCare and Ecarer.
Founder of Life Care Tribune which helps Westerners get benefits from Chinese culture and Chinese medicine.
He received two awards as an American citizen:
Award from Global Chinese Poetry Contest in Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival.
Won the President Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award 2004.

Mr. Lee is well versed in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He has 20 years
of experience teaching Chinese at all levels for English-speaking students. Students
enjoy his teaching very much. He also has experience teaching Chinese for other language-
speaking students who love his teaching because of his ability to make lessons fun
and easy to learn.

Offering language lesson Chinese Mandarin
Lesson fee / hour Polish zloty 60
Trial lesson fee / hour
Group lesson fee / hour / person Up to 5
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