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FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com is created and launched by Makoto Kato along with his friends in summer 2008.

We believe that the key points of learning a language are:

1) To keep your passion for languages alive;
2) To meet the best teacher suited to you!

The simple key is that students and teachers enjoy learning and teaching together.

We believe, in essence, that the key to learning and improving language skills is not to choose a good school, but to find the best suited teacher for each student's needs (personality, teaching style or whatever other reason for which students think she/he is right for them).

FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com offers all students a great opportunity to "choose" their teachers, as well as for teachers to teach motivated students using the power of the Internet.

We also believe that learning languages should be affordable and open to everyone. We know well from our experiences that learning a new language opens up many new opportunities and broadens your horizons.

Learning any new language is a great experience with lots of new discoveries, and sometimes you will have to learn the culture as well! This is a challenging but fun process. We would like to help passionate language learners get started and go through with it and enjoy it!

FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com was established under the idea that passionate learners meet passionate teachers with affordable lesson fees, and both enjoy learning and teaching!

About the webmaster

Makoto Kato -the webmaster of FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com, is specialised in international marketing, a language student and also a part time Japanese tutor.

The fundamental idea of FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com came up while Makoto was trying to choose a "good school" and hoping to meet a "good teacher" when he was learning Italian in Italy. He found lots of other students were doing the same and also found lots of teachers were wishing to teach motivated students.

Makoto believes that all students should have an opportunity to freely choose their teachers. He wishes that FindMyFavouriteTeacher.com can contribute to help lots of language students and teachers all over the world.

Makoto was born in Tokyo, educated in Japan and Australia. After graduating from university in Tokyo with a bachelor of law, he began his professional career with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Japan. Soon his career extended to international business, and he moved his business base to Sydney, Australia and then to Milan, Italy. He has travelled more than 40 countries for business and pleasure.

He speaks English, Japanese and Italian fluently.

Makoto welcomes your messages & suggestions!

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